We Did End Up with Our Perfect Home

I wanted to find a nice house without a lot of effort. When I bought my first house nearly 20 years ago, I didn’t mind because I found it exciting. That lost its appeal on my second and third houses, and I definitely didn’t want to attempt to find my fourth and hopefully last home without the help of a Denver realtor. After finding the best one in the area, I told him what I wanted. I only wanted to look at properties that matched the criteria that my family and I wanted in a home.

My wife and I have three kids, and they are all quite active. We wanted them to be in a great school district that offered a lot of opportunities, both academically as well as athletically. That was our main concern, but we also wanted the right house. We wanted at least an acre of land with it because we have always had very active social lives. We wanted to have an in ground pool as well as an outdoor kitchen. Though we did not know anyone in the area before we moved here, we knew that would quickly change. We wanted to be ready from the get go for that.

For the house itself, we wanted an open floor plan for the social areas, but we also wanted privacy in the living quarters. We needed at least four bedrooms, and we were hoping to get four bathrooms as well so we could each have our own. I knew that was a tall order, but I also knew that we would compromise if we had to. The realtor really did his homework, because he only showed us properties that met our requirements. It did take a couple of months to find the perfect home, but we got exactly what we wanted once we did!