The Apartment Lifestyle Wins Again

I didn’t expect to find a place to live from a community website, but I did. A few months ago, I was looking for a new place to live and was strongly considering getting a house in Vegas. I knew the property value meant that I would be paying a hefty sum to be a home owner, but I was willing to pay it. The community site helped me change my mind by showing me that I could live in Vegas, save money, and have a better living experience by getting an apartment.

To believe that an apartment was better than a home as a living experience, I had to actually see the apartment. Traveling to and from Vegas wouldn’t have been possible at the time because I lived in another state and needed to be back in time to go to work. I did the next best thing in taking a virtual tour of the apartment. It wasn’t a real time tour with a live guide, but photos that had been packaged together to give a 360 panoramic view of every room and hall. I had a VR headset just for the purpose of looking at panoramic shots, and when I used it with the apartment tour, it was like I was actually there.

The tour showed me that I could get a really good living experience from the apartment. I cancelled my plans to buy the home and instead signed a lease at the apartments. While living in the apartments, I have a feeling that I’m living in a permanent resort. There’s everything I could ever want here, including a pool and gym. Before I would have to drive to the nearest gym and work out with all of those random people, some of which were pretty annoying and like to steal things.