Our First Apartment As a Married Couple

I was not looking forward to moving to the Boston area. I was born and raised in the Midwest in a small rural area, and I was a country girl at heart. I married my high school sweetheart after he returned home from college and we discovered we still cared deeply for one another. The only bad thing was that there were just no jobs for him back home. He sent out his resume to a lot of companies, which is how I found myself looking at Boston luxury apartments a couple of weeks before our wedding.

He was accepted at a law firm in Boston, and we knew that this was a move we had to make if he was going to make anything of himself. He is the one who told me to look at luxury apartments because he was given a lucrative salary and benefits, and he wanted me to be happy with our new home. Since I was so far away, I had to use the Internet to find what would be our first home together. The reason he wanted an apartment was because he was not sure that he would end up staying with this law firm for the long haul.

I completely understood, and I supported every decision he was making too. I was able to find us a great apartment right on the outskirts of Boston. That was one thing we both agreed upon, that we did not want to live in the heart of a big city. The apartment we live in now is really nice, and we are both so happy here. We only have a one bedroom unit, but that is all we need right now. When he is at work, I am busy developing a charity website that my heart is set on, plus I can use the pool, the fitness center, and so much more here at the complex too.