My Mom Trusted the Help That I Got for Her

After my mother refused to allow me to make an appointment so that she could see my doctor, I called a Santa Barbara chiropractor to ask if he could help my mom. He told me that he would do that best that he could and said I should bring my mom in as soon as possible. My mom said she felt comfortable seeing him, and I felt a little bit of relief because she is so incredibly stubborn. I needed her to be able to walk a little better again so that life wasn’t so hard for the two of us.

I’m a caretaker for my mom. I originally moved in when I noticed that she was getting very close to the point of not being able to live in her own apartment by herself anymore. This is because she was making a lot of poor decisions when left to her own devices. It has been nice sharing a place with her, though. I do not mind it at all. About 6 months after I moved in, she tripped and fell over something she left on the floor. She has had pain in the back of her leg and lower back since then, and she found it really hard to walk and get around. I could not take her anywhere because she was feeling too much pain every time she tried to stand and walk.

I tried to get mom to go see my doctor many times. I made an appointment, but mom refused to get in the car. In fact, I made several appointments. Considering that she was in too much pain to walk around for just any reason, I was unable to trick her into going by tempting her with a shopping or restaurant trip. I knew that we could not keep living that way. I’m pretty thankful that she was fine with chiropractic help. She trusts chiropractors. I’ve taken her there 3 times now, and she is now finding it much easier to get around again without shooting pain in her leg and back.