I Finally Placed in the Top Three

Though there is always a feeling of disappointment when someone beats me at my sport, there is also a craving to do much better the next time. I was consistently placing in the top ten, but it was rare for me to place in the top five. While a top ten showing is nothing to sneeze at, it is still not where I wanted to be. I knew that I needed to look at my training in a different light, and that is why I started looking into a Denver sports performance training facility.

I had heard quite a few good things about it, but I had always thought that it was for men who play sports like hockey, baseball and football. I had no idea that they help female swimmers until I went to their website and looked at what they have to offer for someone like me. I was surprised to see that they have a very extensive swimming program, and I read the different things that they tackle with each swimmer that they train. I was impressed that this is not a one size fits all training program, and that a lot of it is customized for each individual who takes part in it.

One of the biggest issues that was keeping me so low on the top ten standings was my push when I would do a turn. I knew I needed a more powerful push, and I was just not able to get that for myself, no matter what I did. When I saw that was part of the training, and that they would help me specifically rather than just use a cookie cutter training method, I knew that I had to sign up and try this out. One year later, and I placed third for the first time ever in a national competition. I can say with no doubt that the training works!