I Finally Did Something for Me to Get My Smile Fixed

When I was a kid my parents took me to the dentist to get braces. He could not fit me for the braces at the time. They should have taken me to another dentist, but they didn’t. When I was a teenager I really disliked my teeth. I had one really crooked tooth, and the rest of them looked dull and almost yellow. Then I started getting cavities and had teeth pulled. I did not do anything about my smile until I was in my late 40s. It was then that the best dentist in Aurora CO helped me with a plan to get the smile I always wanted.

Would it have been better to have had my smile fixed as a kid? Certainly. However, now that I am an adult and making my own way in everything else, I just decided it was time to do something for me. I financed a dental makeover that I am very happy with. I have spent all my life avoiding smiling because of my teeth even though I like to smile. I would stifle laughing even when I found something hilarious as I did not want anyone to see my teeth. Now I can smile and laugh and not care at all. I actually am happy to let people see my teeth now. I was never like that before.

I have noticed how a nice smile can put others at ease. It helps with everything from a job interview to meeting new friends. My wife says I look like a new man. There is nothing wrong with that. She said it is more than just my teeth. She says that I am less reserved now when it comes to smiling and laughing. I also no longer cover my mouth when I smile or laugh. It was an instinct before. I make a small monthly payment on my dental restoration, and am very happy to do it.