Helping My Sister Find a New Apartment

I was so excited about visiting my sister in Dallas since I had not been there since she moved there a couple of years ago. I had not even seen pictures of where she lives, but that is because she told me that she didn’t really like it there. When I got there, I could definitely see why she didn’t like it. She is my baby sister, so I have always been protective of her. I told her that I was going to help her find a better place to live. I started by searching for apartments in North Dallas online.

That is how I found the apartment complex where she now lives, which is a really nice apartment complex! They have so much there, and I knew that my sister would be a lot happier there. In fact, I was falling in love with it myself, that is how nice it is. She told me that she could never afford something like that, but I helped her to see how she could. She would actually be saving on costs because she would no longer need a gym membership since the complex has a gym. She also would not need to drive her car for an hour round trip since her work is located just minutes away.

What she would be saving on just those two things would help make up the difference. I was finally able to convince her that she deserves better, and she submitted her application for it while I was there. She also found out that it was accepted, and I helped her with the deposit. I took an extra week off from my own job to help her move there, and I think that move is what gave her the confidence to want more for herself. As a result, she got a promotion at work, and she loves where she now lives. I could not be more proud of her!