Helped My Boss Move to a New Condo

Of course the boss has to move to a new place because his wife caught him sneaking around on her. It seems like he is in a good deal of trouble to a lot of us and we are worried about what it means for us. He is a man with vices and he likes to gamble in ways that effect the business and he likes to gamble period. At any rate he moved to a one bedroom place at this condo place called Seaside Residences near Siglap. I got the sales pitch from the girl who was selling them, even though it was pretty obvious that I was just trying to get her number. There are two 26 floor buildings and they have something like eight hundred and fifty units in total. In the middle of the two buildings they have some sort of atrium I guess. When we drove up in the van the guy I had with me pointed up and said that there were trees growing in the middle of the building.

At any rate there was not that much to the job, but it took all day because the boss was distracted and he never told us what to do with the stuff after we got it in his condo. Of course the place he got was on the 21st floor of the building and so we spent a whole lot of time going up and down in elevators. After that we sat down on the floor and waited for him to tell us what he wanted us to do. It was not like we could get mad, but we hooked up the TV and watched a football match while he talked on the phone. Eventually he told us what he wanted to have us do.