My New Apartment Needed Cleaned

When I started looking at apartments, i knew that I needed to find one quickly. I still visited quite a few in person because I knew that while a picture speaks a thousand words, that they can also hide things too. I wanted to know exactly what I was getting into. There is an apartment that has a rural setting though it is within walking distance of so many things, and i knew that it was the one. I knew that I needed to hire a company that does move in cleaning for Singapore residents after I saw a couple of cobwebs though.

I was not worried about it too much because the apartment actually seemed very clean. I had no doubt that the last tenant had a service clean it for him, but it also looked like it had been sitting empty for a bit of time too as the cobwebs did not look new. (more…)

My Mom Trusted the Help That I Got for Her

After my mother refused to allow me to make an appointment so that she could see my doctor, I called a Santa Barbara chiropractor to ask if he could help my mom. He told me that he would do that best that he could and said I should bring my mom in as soon as possible. My mom said she felt comfortable seeing him, and I felt a little bit of relief because she is so incredibly stubborn. I needed her to be able to walk a little better again so that life wasn’t so hard for the two of us.

I’m a caretaker for my mom. I originally moved in when I noticed that she was getting very close to the point of not being able to live in her own apartment by herself anymore. This is because she was making a lot of poor decisions when left to her own devices. (more…)

Preventing Being Duped by Fake News Stories

When I was young I had no interest in politics. Then, when I was a teenager, a crisis happened, and the president intervened to rescue some hostages. It did not work out the way he intended, and I heard the adults giving all kinds of opinions. I saw them doing the same thing on Sundays after football games talking about how a quarter back did good or messed up. I guess that is where the term “armchair quarterbacking” comes from. I quietly sought facts over rhetoric, and am still doing it today by reading Trump News. It is a website that has all the articles being written about our president available in one location. I can filter through the news agencies I trust and leave out the rest. However, I rarely use a filter. I like reading the different perspectives out there, but I do insist that news comes from real news agencies. (more…)