Dentistry Today is Not Like It Was in the 1800s

You should go to see your dentist for more than just cleanings and when you have a toothache. You should go when you have other problems such as a clicking when you open and close your mouth or any kind of sores. TMJ can cause the clicking, and it can lead to chronic pain that is debilitating. Sores can just be sores, but they could also be cancer. If you have diabetes or take medications, you may get sores from dry mouth. I see my Denver dentist any time I have a problem with my teeth or the tissues in my mouth. I know people who actually put up with daily oral pain rather than scheduling an appointment to see their dentist. That is crazy in my book. (more…)

I Finally Placed in the Top Three

Though there is always a feeling of disappointment when someone beats me at my sport, there is also a craving to do much better the next time. I was consistently placing in the top ten, but it was rare for me to place in the top five. While a top ten showing is nothing to sneeze at, it is still not where I wanted to be. I knew that I needed to look at my training in a different light, and that is why I started looking into a Denver sports performance training facility.

I had heard quite a few good things about it, but I had always thought that it was for men who play sports like hockey, baseball and football. (more…)

I Just Started a New Job

It is not precisely what I was looking for when I graduated from college, but it is not too bad. When you compare the check stub I get now with the one I got making pizzas at Gino’s while I was in college, that is a real difference. I have been trying to resist the urge to go out and blow a bunch of money on the stuff that I want, but do not really need. In fact for now I am going to be trying really hard to get things in order. I have a big pile of college debt obviously, more than I can get rid of at any near time. It is a big thing and I have to get hold of it. Obviously anything that you can get rid of immediately is going to reduce the interest that you end up paying over the life of the loan. (more…)