Farewell to the Scars of the Past

During my time in secondary school, I had some really bad acne on my face. It left behind some scars that I thought made me look terrible. I would try to hide the scars with make up, but I couldn’t completely conceal them. I got tired of it and realized that my only option would be a more permanent solution. I did some research to find a female aesthetic doctor in Singapore that would be able to get rid of the scarring and make me have normal looking skin like all of the other people in my college.

I found just the doctor to help me with my skin problem. I made an appointment for an examination so the doctor could see how bad my scarring problem really was, and I was surprised by the results. The doctor had seen many cases like mine before, and told me that mine wasn’t even the worst that he had seen. This gave me a lot of hope that my condition could be properly treated. (more…)

My Hobby Site Has Risen to the Top!

My hobby site, thanks to seo in Philippines, has risen to the top of the heap and I couldn’t be happier! I do a lot of work with model trains, and have done so for most of my life, and several years ago I decided to do a site about my hobby. It wasn’t a great site to begin with, but it was mine and I did spend a few hours a week making posts and putting up images in the hopes that other people would appreciate the effort and share their stuff with me and others.

I never got a lot of traffic until I decided to see what I could do with an seo service. (more…)

My New Apartment Needed Cleaned

When I started looking at apartments, i knew that I needed to find one quickly. I still visited quite a few in person because I knew that while a picture speaks a thousand words, that they can also hide things too. I wanted to know exactly what I was getting into. There is an apartment that has a rural setting though it is within walking distance of so many things, and i knew that it was the one. I knew that I needed to hire a company that does move in cleaning for Singapore residents after I saw a couple of cobwebs though.

I was not worried about it too much because the apartment actually seemed very clean. I had no doubt that the last tenant had a service clean it for him, but it also looked like it had been sitting empty for a bit of time too as the cobwebs did not look new. (more…)