Spreading the Words Around the World

Mobile application development is something that I haven’t been particularly good at. I tried to learn it on my own so I could make my own game, but it was just too complicated for my old brain to learn. So, I did the next best thing, which was to hire someone to do development for me. My game idea was a simple one, which was a word game that would allow people to play against anyone else on the planet. The game would have a ranking system that would take the highest scores and put them at the top for everyone to see.

The word game had rules where people would be given a set of letters at the start of the game, and then they would take turns spelling out different words on a game board. (more…)

TCM Should Be Part of Everyone’s Protocol

I know that there is some controversy with Traditional Chinese Medicine, but I have found that it has been the best answer to a chronic pain condition that I experienced for way too long. I was exploring different options when I read about a nearby TCM clinic that was able to help with pain management. Since I did not have any experience with this type of care, I did my research on it rather well, which is why I know of the controversies surrounding some of it. All I can say is that Traditional Chinese Medicine methods is what made it so I do not hurt on a daily basis now. (more…)

The Bus Ride is Part of the Fun

The company I work at has several vans that we use on a regular basis for work trips. Sometimes we use them to go to lectures in the city, and other times they are used for more pleasurable company outings. The vans seat 24 people total, so there are times when we need to use a bus charter in Singapore if there are more than that amount going somewhere. One of the times that we use this bus charter is when we have our annual Christmas party.

I know a lot of companies use a local establishment for their parties and functions, but our boss likes to keep everything fun for us. He will have several charters since all of our families are invited to the Christmas party. (more…)