The Apartment Lifestyle Wins Again

I didn’t expect to find a place to live from a community website, but I did. A few months ago, I was looking for a new place to live and was strongly considering getting a house in Vegas. I knew the property value meant that I would be paying a hefty sum to be a home owner, but I was willing to pay it. The community site helped me change my mind by showing me that I could live in Vegas, save money, and have a better living experience by getting an apartment.

To believe that an apartment was better than a home as a living experience, I had to actually see the apartment. Traveling to and from Vegas wouldn’t have been possible at the time because I lived in another state and needed to be back in time to go to work. I did the next best thing in taking a virtual tour of the apartment. (more…)

Helping My Sister Find a New Apartment

I was so excited about visiting my sister in Dallas since I had not been there since she moved there a couple of years ago. I had not even seen pictures of where she lives, but that is because she told me that she didn’t really like it there. When I got there, I could definitely see why she didn’t like it. She is my baby sister, so I have always been protective of her. I told her that I was going to help her find a better place to live. I started by searching for apartments in North Dallas online. (more…)

A Two Bedroom Apartment with a Great Floor Plan

I knew that I wanted to look at 2 bedroom Stone Oak apartments even though I live on my own. I have frequent visitors between my friends coming down here as well as my family members. I wanted to have a nice guest room available for them, because I just did not want them to come visit me and have to stay in a hotel. The Regency at Lookout Canyon apartment complex is the one that I liked the best because of all the amenities and features that come with each one.

I looked at the two bedroom units, and I knew that it was going to be hard for me to decide which one I wanted. The La Cantera has one bath and is 1,098 square feet. The Anaqua Spring floor plan also has one bathroom, but it is slightly bigger at 1,200 square feet. (more…)