Comfortable Apartment Living in Las Vegas

I refer to it as our little oasis in the desert. I like the apartment where we live in Las Vegas. You can click here to see the Bloom Apartment Homes yourself. Two swimming pools is a feature that I like. I use to do most of my swimming at night during the middle of the week to avoid crowds where we used to live. My favorite times were when we had the pool to ourselves. There are two where we live now. The amenities at our place are the things we like. A feature that is very nice for apartment living is having our own washer and dryer in the apartment. No need to haul any clothes to a laundry room or laundromat.

I like the floor plan of where we live too. We have a nice kitchen with stainless steel appliances including the dishwasher. (more…)

The Apartment Lifestyle Wins Again

I didn’t expect to find a place to live from a community website, but I did. A few months ago, I was looking for a new place to live and was strongly considering getting a house in Vegas. I knew the property value meant that I would be paying a hefty sum to be a home owner, but I was willing to pay it. The community site helped me change my mind by showing me that I could live in Vegas, save money, and have a better living experience by getting an apartment.

To believe that an apartment was better than a home as a living experience, I had to actually see the apartment. Traveling to and from Vegas wouldn’t have been possible at the time because I lived in another state and needed to be back in time to go to work. I did the next best thing in taking a virtual tour of the apartment. (more…)

Helping My Sister Find a New Apartment

I was so excited about visiting my sister in Dallas since I had not been there since she moved there a couple of years ago. I had not even seen pictures of where she lives, but that is because she told me that she didn’t really like it there. When I got there, I could definitely see why she didn’t like it. She is my baby sister, so I have always been protective of her. I told her that I was going to help her find a better place to live. I started by searching for apartments in North Dallas online. (more…)