We Are Enjoying Our New Condo at New Futura in Singapore

Who wouldn’t be excited about moving into a new place? My family was very excited waiting for the opening of the New Futura in Singapore to begin occupation. We had been watching the construction schedule and progress since we first got the brochure about the project and put in an application for a four-bedroom condo. We could hardly wait for the extra space, the new kitchen and the privilege of being able to live in such a nicely designed building. You can see the project at thenewfuturacondo.com.sg.

It is a two tower design in the middle of an urban area. Built on the two block space there is room on the ground for some outdoor areas for pets, children and outdoor swimming. (more…)

I Am Finally Home in Vegas

I love living in Vegas. I was born and raised here, but I moved to the east coast with my family when I was a sophomore in high school. I even went to college there, but my heart always considered Vegas my home. When I graduated from college, I applied at a few schools in Vegas, wanting to teach there rather than in New York. I was hired on almost immediately at one of the schools, which meant I had to hurry and find an apartment. I looked at the community website for one that my childhood friend lives at, and I loved everything that I saw there.

For me, it was half about the community amenities and half about the apartment itself. I knew that I was going to want some downtime on my own there, especially when I had to do things like read research papers and grade tests. The apartment that I found there has nine foot ceilings, air conditioning, washers and dryers, granite, hardwood flooring and so much more. (more…)

We Did End Up with Our Perfect Home

I wanted to find a nice house without a lot of effort. When I bought my first house nearly 20 years ago, I didn’t mind because I found it exciting. That lost its appeal on my second and third houses, and I definitely didn’t want to attempt to find my fourth and hopefully last home without the help of a Denver realtor. After finding the best one in the area, I told him what I wanted. I only wanted to look at properties that matched the criteria that my family and I wanted in a home.

My wife and I have three kids, and they are all quite active. (more…)