Three Hip Chicks Unveils Brand New Website Design For Their Online Boutique


(Burlington, MA)—Three Hip Chicks, an online boutique offering personalized jewelry, mobile device cases, gifts, and accessories, is announcing the launch of their brand new website design. The design makes the online shop easier to navigate and improves the shopping and checkout experience for customers. Those who would like to see the website overhaul and the changes that have been implemented can visit the Three Hip Chicks online boutique at

Christine Forte, one of the businesswomen behind the Three Hip Chicks brand, stated “We are so excited about the launch of our website and about the opportunity to bring a fresh, new look to our store. Our customers have enjoyed purchasing monogrammed gifts and accessories from us for more than a decade, and we are continually looking for ways to improve upon what we do and to serve them better. Launching a brand new website is just one of the ways that we have gone about accomplishing that goal this year.”

The new website for the Three Hip Chicks online boutique includes a responsive design that makes the process of finding what they’re looking for much less of a hassle for shoppers. New styles that have just become available in the shop and the store’s important announcements are now front and center on the website’s home page. Specific sale items are also prominently displayed so that shoppers can easily take advantage of available deals. The website also makes it easier to keep up with the Three Hip Chicks Instagram page and to interact with the brand through social media.

As Forte goes on to say, “It has always been our desire to create a seamless experience for our loyal customers. We are ecstatic about the changes to our website because we know that it makes things so much better for them. We have enjoyed building this business together, and we believe that launching this new responsive design for our website will position us for growth in the future as we continue to strive toward an even greater level of excellence and service.”

About Three Hip Chicks:

Founded in 2005, Three Hip Chicks is an online boutique specializing in monogrammed jewelry, iPhone cases, OtterBox® cases, iPad & iPad mini cases, monogram gifts, accessories, and home decor for the modern preppy girl on the go. The brand is Classic Preppy with a Modern Twist.


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